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Multi-way Calling - RingCentral for Skype for Business

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SummaryThe multi-way calling feature in RingCentral for Skype for Business allows multiple parties to participate in a conference call from their RingCentral for Skype for Business app.

For customers using Skype for Business who need to create a conference call with multiple parties, this active call handling feature provides an easy and convenient in-app mechanism for a user to add up to 10 participants to a call at any time.

This feature is available and turned on by default, no special installation required. This is a feature that is used in-app during an active call.

How to use
1. Click the Add button to add another party to the conference call.

User-added image

2. Enter the other party’s phone number and click the green Call button.
3. Once the phone number is called, the option to Mute or Hold the call is shown before the party accepts the call.

User-added image

4. The call is then accepted, and the option to Merge this call in the conference is available. Click the Merge button. 
5. Three-way conference call is now created. Steps can then be repeated to include more parties to the conference call. 


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