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RingCentral Phone - Call Only Mode for SSO Users

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SummaryThe Calls Only mode feature is for users who login via SSO when services are not available. This is when services are unavailable but telephony services are still available.

Users will be limited to making inbound/outbound calls ONLY. They will not have access to their contacts, call log, recent calls, messages, etc.


How Calls Only mode feature works?

When user tries to login via SSO to RingCental Phone and when SSO services are not available, User will be prompted to switch to Calls only mode.

NOTE: This only works if a User has previously logged in. First time User doesn't have their profile stored yet.



When you click on Single Sign-On to log in and RingCentral Phone detects that services are unavailable, a prompt will appear suggesting you to go in to Calls Only mode.

• If you have previously logged in and has logged out from RingCentral Phone, your profile is already saved in the app and you will be able to make and receive calls with Calls-only mode.

• If several profiles have been saved, click on your profile to proceed with Calls-only mode.

• If only one profile is saved, the dial pad screen will open right after clicking on the Calls only button. You can ONLY receive and make calls during this time. 


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