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Call Delegation - Place a call on behalf of Executive | RingCentral Phone for Desktop

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SummaryCall Delegation enables administrators to assign delegates (assistants) who can answer and make calls on their behalf. This article describes the steps for assistants to place a call on behalf of executive.

Call Delegation - How to place a call on behalf of Executive

1. Log In on the RingCentral Phone.

2. Click the HUD tab.

3. Select the Executive you want to make a call on behalf of.

4. Enter the number you want to call.
NOTE: Caller ID will show as the executive/ user whom you made the call for or what was configured as the delegated caller ID. For more information, go to Call Delegation - Configure Settings for Executive.

5. The call can be picked up by the executive/ user on the RingCentral Phone for Desktop via the HUD.

NOTE: If Executive uses a desk phone without Call Delegation functionality, the assistant needs to place it to Park Location in order for Executive to pick up the call.

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