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Call Park - Set Up Presence Appearance | RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryCall Park is a local network feature that allows RingCentral Office Users to put a call on public call park and have a User pick up on another phone by dialing the park location. After creating a park location group, Account Administrators can then set up the Presence Appearance on the RingCentral Online account.
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Set Up Presence Appearance on the RingCentral Online Account

Park Locations work on the RingCentral Phone, RingCentral Phone for Mobile, as well on desk phones that support Presence. Account Administrators can set up Park Locations by adding a Park Location Group on the RingCentral Online account. Presence should then be set up on extensions authorized to use the Park Locations. 

Park Locations allow a specific group of people to park a call in a private location that only specific individuals can pick up. To be able to do this, they must be added as authorized members of a specific Park Location Group in the Online Account.

NOTE: Up to 100 Park Location groups can be added through the Online account.  

See Call Park - Park and Retrieve a Call from a Park Location to learn more about how you can park and retrieve a call from a park location.

After creating a Park Location group, Account Administrators can set up the Presence Appearance on the Online account. Presence Appearance displays the park location as a soft key on the desk phone of the authorized User.

IMPORTANT: If the added user/s belong to a ring group, all members of the ring group must be added to the list of monitored extensions.

1. Log in to the RingCentral Online account.

2. Click Users.

3. Click the name of the User that was added to the park location.

4. Go to Phones & Numbers > Phones, then click Presence.

Click Presence

5. Click Select a User

Click Select a User

6. Select the Park Location extension from the list, then click Done.

NOTE: To see how the Park Location will appear on your phone, click Preview on my phones.

Phone Preview

Select your RingCentral device on the left portion of the Phone Preview screen, and the preview will be shown next to it.

Phone Preview

7. Set the additional Presence preferences:

• Ring my phone when any user I am monitoring rings - Enable this option by checking the box.

• Enable me to pick up a monitored line on hold - If you intend to answer calls on behalf of other users, you need the other users to give you permission to answer their calls via their Presence permission settings. You can enable this feature by checking the box. 

See Admin: Configure Presence Settings for more information about Presence Permissions.

8. Click Save.

9. You will see a notice that will ask you to restart your device. Restart your device by clicking Yes

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