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RingCentral for Google Calendar

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SummaryThis article provides information about the RingCentral for Google Calendar integration. The RingCentral for Google app integrates your RingCentral services with your Google account. Users can transform their Google Calendar application, whether they are on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet, into a powerful tool to schedule RingCentral Meetings and Conference calls. Follow the steps below to schedule RingCentral Meetings directly from the Google Calendar.


RingCentral for Google Calendar

RingCentral for Google Calendar allows Users to easily schedule RingCentral Meetings and Conference Calls in Google Calendar. 


Schedule a Meeting

  1. 1. Go to Google Calendar.
  2. 2. Click Create Event create event buttonbutton  or double-click on your preferred date.
  3. 3. Click Add conferencing > RingCentral Meetings
  4. 4. Fill in the necessary details for the meeting. 
  5. 5. Click Save
  6. 6. Your meeting is now plotted in your Google Calendar. Send an email to your guest by clicking the envelope icon. 
  8. meeting plotted to Google Calendar 


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