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Audit Trail - Check Admin Settings changes | RingCentral App

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SummaryThis article describes the filters you need to use to see changes made on the Admin Settings for the RingCentral App. Available to all RingCentral Office accounts, Administrators (Super Admin or Billing Admin Role) now have the ability to track the changes on the account. Go to the Audit Trail page and check changes made to the account and generate the report with filter options. You have the option to download the data recorded by the Audit Trail feature.

Audit Trail - Check Admin Settings changes | RingCentral App

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account as an Administrator.
2. Go to Tools > Audit Trail.

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3. On the Audit Trail Page you can filter the information. To view the changes made on the RingCentral App, use these filters:
• Administrators
• Unified Application Administrators added or removed (First Last, Ext.)
• Company Settings: 
• Enable telephone service (on/off)
• Allow employees to add people (on/off)
• File sharing (service, on/off) e.g. Google Drive on/off, Evernote on/off, etc.
• Allow Giphy sharing (max rating) e.g. Max rating of PG-13
• Data retention:
• Policy set to N days
• Compliance exports:
• Exports (on/off)
• Request/download export enabled/disabled for UserName
• Download requested by Name/eMail
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