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Chatbot - Overview | RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryChatbot is a free RingCentral Online account feature that is available to Account Administrators. The feature aims to provide ease of contact with RingCentral Support or Sales.

Chatbot on the RingCentral Online Account

Chatbot is a tool available on the RingCentral Online Account that allows customers to easily contact RingCentral Support and/or Sales. It aims to provide rapid answers to customers who need to administer their systems or make simple transactions.


This is a free feature which is currently available to Account Administrators

How to access

Account Administrators must be logged in to the Online account to be able to click the Ask RingCentral button at the bottom right part of the site. 

Chatbot - RingCentral Online Account

Administrators can click Sales or Support to get the right help.

Chatbot - Greeting


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