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SummaryMultiple Key Combination shortcuts are supported by Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, and 600. The shortcuts can help you reboot or restart the phone, perform a factory reset, access the phone information, set the base profile, and upload a log file.

Multiple Key Combination Shortcuts for Polycom VVX phones 

You can press several keys to perform the following actions on the following desk phones:

• Polycom VVX 300
• Polycom VVX 310
• Polycom VVX 400
• Polycom VVX 410
• Polycom VVX 500
• Polycom VVX 600

NOTE: The keys need to be pressed at the same time for 2 seconds or longer.

Reboot the Phone

Press 1,3 and 0.

Access the Phone Information Screen (UC Software 5.3.0 or later)

To view the IP address, Boot server type, MAC address, VLAN ID, Boot server, and phone version, press 1,4 and 7.

Set the Base Profile

To set the base profile between openSIP and Skype for Business, press 1,4 and 9.

Perform Factory Reset

Press 1,5 and 3.

Upload a Log File

To trigger an upload of an App-Now log to the provisioning server, press 1,5 and 9.

Restart the Phone

Press 1,3 and 8.

Polycom VVX Phones - Multiple Key Combination Shortcuts

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