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RingCentral App - Presence for Free Users

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SummaryThis article provides information about RingCentral app Presence for Free Users. Free RingCentral app Users can set their Presence state with the following options.


Types of Presence for Free Users

Presence allows RingCentral app free Users to see and publish:

• RingCentral app messaging Presence (Available, Offline, Invisible)

• Do Not Disturb Presence


Functionality and Meaning of each Presence state

NOTE: Free Users will still be able to see a RingCentral suscriber's Unified Presence. However, a Free User will ONLY be able to publish their own Presence states below. For more information, see Unified Presence Overview



available - solid green

User is currently active in the app and available to communicate via RingCentral app (Glip) messaging.

offline/invisible - solid gray
Offline: User is not connected to the app or has become inactive(15 mins or more).

Invisible: User wants to “opt-out” of showing their Presence state. User has turned OFF their Presence status manually (same as Offline to other Users).
Do Not Disturb
Do not disturb- Red with white line

User does not want to be disturbed at the moment.

All app notifications are blocked across mobile, desktop, and email.


Manual Presence Setting

Users can manually change their Presence state by clicking their Profile Picture and selecting the preferred Presence options:

glip presence


• The User is currently active

• If the User manually changes their state to "Available", it will override other Presence states, such as "Busy". This allows the User to appear as online manually and show others they are available and free to communicate.


• Invisible is a manual-only state. It is a Presence setting that allows the User to appear as Offline to others. This feature is to allow Users to “opt-out” of showing their Presence state. 

• Users can turn this setting OFF by selecting Available or Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb  

• DND is a manual-only state.

• DND will stop all desktop app, mobile push, and email notifications. The User can still launch the app and see their new messages. However, the notification for those messages will be muted automatically.

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