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Create an API Application | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryThis article describes the steps to create an API application for your RingCentral Contact Center account.

How to Create an API Application?

Required security profile permissions: API Applications Create

1. Click ACD > ACD Configuration > API Applications.

2. When the list of API (application programming interface) Applications appears, click Create New.

3. Select Register Internal Application or Authorize External Application.

4. (Internal Application Only) Type the name of the vendor.

5. (Internal Vendor Only) Type the name of the application or (External Application Only) and select the name of the application in the Application Name field.
If you select Authorize External Application but the name of the application is not in the Application Name drop-down, contact your RingCentral Contact Center Customer Success Manager.

6. (Internal Vendor Only) Select the API scopes you want to authorize your application to use. Unless you are creating the API application for a specific API scope, the best practice is to select all of the API scope options. (RealTimeAdminAgentCustomAuthenticationPatron, and Reporting).

7. (Internal Vendor Only) Type the Authorized Callback URL and press the plus sign (+).  
Authorized Callback URLs are used to define the location to which the response is sent when you are making an implicit grand token request. Implicit grand tokens are different because instead of making you enter your credentials into the custom application, you can link directly to RingCentral Contact Center so the custom application never knows the user's credentials (think PayPal). You can define up to five unique callback URLs per API application.

8. Click Create API Application.
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