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RingCentral Rooms - Re-authorize Google Calendar Service

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SummaryThis article will guide you to re-authorize your Google Authentication with RingCentral Rooms.


Re-authorizing Google Calendar for RingCentral Rooms

An error message may appear saying Signing in to Google is temporarily disabled for this app. Google has not yet verified this app for use with Google Sign In. This happens when you try to add a new Google Calendar Integration for RingCentral Rooms.  

All Calendar Services which are integrated with Google Calendar should be reauthorized.

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account as an Administrator.

2. Click Tools > RingCentral Rooms > Calendar Integration.

3. Select the Google calendar service, and then click Reauthorize.

4.  Follow the steps to finish re-authorizing.

For those Rooms that are using Google (P12), it is suggested to delete the file, since this is the previous way to add the Google integration with Google Calendar. Follow the steps to delete.

1. Delete the “P12” calendar service and re-create Google service via the Calendar Integration page.

2. Assign the corresponding Room resource to your Room.

3. Log out from the Rooms App and log in again.

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