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SummaryRingCentral Live Reports can be accessed on the RingCentral Online account and RingCentral Phone for Mobile or via dedicated websites. Those with Super Admin roles have full access to Live Reports by default. Users with Standard and Standard International roles cannot access Live Reports. Roles can be customized for Users to have access to it.

How to Manage Access to Live Reports

There is a separate section available in the permissions list of a role which controls the access to Live Reports. Currently, two permissions are available:

Live Reports - View Only allows viewing of dashboards shared by other Users.
Live Reports - Full Access grants configuration capabilities over Live Reports.

Those with Super Admin roles have full access to Live Reports by default. The following roles do not have an access to Live Reports by default:

Standard International

To customize default roles, create new roles for your Users and grant proper permissions. For instance, if you would like your agents to have an access to the shared dashboard, create a new role based on the Standard role and enable Live Reports - View Only permission for it.

The image below shows where the Live Reports permissions can be seen on a Phone System Admin Roles screen.

Live Reports as seen in a Phone System Admin Role screen

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