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Personal Connection Skill is started but the Agents are not getting any calls | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryThis article describes the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue where Agents are not getting any calls even if Personal Connection Skill is already started

Personal Connection Skill is started but the Agents are not getting any calls



Personal Connection Skill was started but the agents are not receiving calls.


Personal Connection


Potential causes could be:
• Record availability
• Agent Availability
• Time zone settings
• Blending prioritization

Steps to resolve

1. Make sure that records from the calling list are loaded and available in the queue. Review the skill in Skill Control and make sure there are available records under List Inventory > Fresh and/or Retries. Also make sure there are records under Queued. You can click on each metric in Skill Control when the skill is running for more information regarding the metric.

2. Ensure that agents are assigned to the skill, are active and in an available status for the skill. If the skill is not blended the agents need to select the skill they are logging into and go into an Available status. If the skill is blended the agent should just have to go to an Available Status.

3. If the outbound skill is blended using Priority Blending review the Priority Settings within the skills to see if another skill has a higher priority assigned.

4. Review Timezone Bounding under the Skill > Parameters to see if any records can be called. Make sure the current time is defined with the time zones you're attempting to call.

5. Stop and restart the skill.
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