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Skills & Campaigns - Set up Screen Pops | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryThis article describes the steps to add screen pops when creating skills on the RingCentral Contact Center Platform.

Skills & Campaigns - Set up Screen Pops 

Required security profile permissions: Skills Edit
When you create a skill in the platform, the Screen Pops section appears as part of the setup wizard. Screen pops are triggered by specific actions or events, and can be used to display information for the agent, open a separate application.

NOTE: Screen pops are configured during creation or editing of a skill. 

1. Select the checkbox for Use Screen Pops. If you want to use default screen pops, skip the remaining steps in this task.

2. (Optional): Select the checkbox for Custom Screen Pops. The remaining steps are required if you choose this option

3. Select Application or Webpage.

4. In the text field, enter either the entire path to the executable if you chose Application or the full URL if you chose Webpage.
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