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RingCentral Phone App - Accessibility on Windows PC or Mac for low vision or blind users | RingCentral

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SummaryRingCentral provides accessibility support for Service Web and RC Phone Desktop app. This enables users with visual and motor disabilities to successfully navigate through RingCentral service. The minimum version for access is RingCentral Phone 10.3.0 or later. Computer to be used must have a screen reading program, otherwise known as the Text to Speech software. This article discusses the steps on how to enable this feature.


How to enable RingCentral accessibility support?


Windows PC

1. Go to your computer's Settings.
2. Select Ease of Access > Narrator. 
3. Turn on use Narrator to read and interact with your device. 
4. You may also allow the shortcut key to start Narrator.

NOTE: To use shortcut key to turn on and off Narrator, press Windows logo key User-added image + Ctrl + Enter.


1. Click on the Apple icon > System Preferences.
2. Select Accessibility > VoiceOver.
3. To activate VoiceOver, tick Enable VoiceOver.

NOTE: VoiceOver can also be activated on any Mac computer by pressing the CMD+F5 key combination. For Mac computers with TouchID, hold CMD and press the TouchID button three times in succession to activate Voiceover when the computer is booted.  


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