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RingCentral App - Shelf or Right Pane

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SummaryThe Shelf is a snapshot of the recently posted and important items in the current conversation. This is located on the right pane of every conversation.


RingCentral App - Shelf or Right Pane

On top of the Shelf or Right Pane depicts all of the people that are participating in the conversation. The colored dot below the person's profile picture represents the person's online status or Presence. See RingCentral App - Unified Presence Overview to learn more about it.

Click on someone's picture to start a one-on-one conversation or view their profile.

glip shelf - click profile pic

You can also click on the Add Members button to add more people in the conversation.

glip shelf - add members

In a Team conversation, you may also see the team description on this pane as well, if available.

glip shelf - team description


The Shelf can comprise different sections such as Pinned, Tasks, Links, Notes, and Files.

The Pinned section shows all of the items that are saved or pinned in the conversation. You can pin any items in the conversation, even a conversation post. Click on the drop-down arrow on the left of the section heading to collapse and save space. You can click on any pinned item to view its details, immediately open a link or a video, or download a file. Clicking on a pinned conversation post redirects you back to the original date when it was posted. 

glip shelf - pinned items

The Tasks section shows all pending tasks. You can immediately click on the checkbox on the left of the task to mark it complete. You can also click on the task to view its details.

glip shelf - click task

The Links section shows all the posted links in the conversation. Click on the arrow icon on the right of a link to immediately open the link in a new browser tab. You can also click on the link to view its details.

glip shelf - links

The Notes section shows all the posted notes in the conversation. Click on a note to view or edit.

glip shelf - notes

The Files section shows all the posted files in the conversation. Click on the down-arrow icon to the right of a file to download the file (or open it in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or Evernote). You can also click on the file to view its details.

glip shelf - files

Click on the gear icon next to a section's heading to change the sorting of the section, or view all posted items.

glip shelf - gear on section

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