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RingCentral Global Office - Local Area Dialing for Mexico, Australia, and China Support

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SummaryThis article provides information about the support for local area dialing for Mexico, Australia, and China. You can set your RingCentral mobile app's Region and Area Code for local dialing. This is an advantage when calling local numbers because the local area code that you have set will be entered automatically when you dial a 7-digit number.

RingCentral Global Office provides a single phone system to companies that have offices around the world. This phone system is cloud-based and can be used on desk phones, desktop apps as well as mobile apps, streamlining the management of the phone system across your international branch offices.


Is local area dialing for Mexico, Australia, and China supported?

Yes, in addition to US, Users from Mexico, Australia, and China can enter numbers without adding their local area code. Users can dial local numbers without the prefix area code.

Example: If the Country Code is +86 (China) and Area Code is 0592, User can dial 5109066 instead of +8605925109066 or 05925109066.


Mexico supports 2 and 3 digit area codes (10 digits total).


Australia supports a 0+9 digits (10 digits total).


China supports 2 and 3 digit area codes (10 to 12 length).


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