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SummaryThis article outlines the steps to configure Site Codes for RingCentral Enterprise Dial Plan accounts with Multi-Site Support enabled.

Enterprise Dial Plan - Site Codes

Who needs site codes?

• Ideal for Site-based dial plans (e.g. Distributed Retail)
• Simplifies Intra-site dialing
• Extensions are based on Site (e.g. Site Code + Short Extension = Full Ext.) If Users move, they change their extension
• Supports fixed-length extensions (e.g. 22444, 33555)
• Can be used with Multi-site features
• Enterprise Dial Plan + Site Codes is supported when making an intra-site call on the RingCentral Phone for Desktop.


• Available to all RingCentral Office accounts
• Ideal for accounts with 1000+ users
• Contact Support to enable for your account. 

How to configure Site Codes:

1. Enable Multi-Site Support functionality.

2. On the Multi-Site Settings page, click Enable Site Codes.

NOTE: You may also use Site Codes Template to configure Site Codes. Go to Enterprise Dial Plan - Configure Site Codes Template for steps on how to configure site code templates

3. Extension Number Length
Configure the number of digits that will comprise the Site Code Length and the Short Extension Number Length. Click Next to proceed.

▪ Max Extension Length:  Based on Admin Web setting
▪ Site Code Length:            Can be 1-6 digits
▪ Short Extension Length:  Can be 1-7 digits

4. Provision Site Codes
Site Codes are automatically generated. Site Codes can be customized to any number that follows the Site Code Length. Click Next to proceed.

5. Adjust Extension Numbers
New Short Extension Numbers are automatically generated. Short Extension Numbers can be customized to any number that follows the Short extension Number Length. Click Confirm to accept the New Full Extension Numbers.

IMPORTANT: Reserved numbers or short codes cannot be duplicated in the defined site. N11 numbers like 911 cannot be used as a short extension. Click here to view the list of reserved numbers or short codes.

6. Site Codes confirmation
All extensions are now updated with the new Site Code extensions. Click Finish to close the window. You will be returned to the Multi-Site Settings page.

NOTE: Click Edit under the Site Codes Settings to edit the Extension Number Length and Extension Numbers you have configured.

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