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SummaryThis article provides the steps to upload and configure your site codes using the template.

Enterprise Dial Plan - Configure Site Codes Template

Using Site Codes Template allows customers to configure Site Codes & Short Extension dial plans offline. Click on the links below for steps on how to configure site codes template.

I. Enable the Multi-Site feature (Go to Tools > Multi-Site Settings). For more information, go to RingCentral Multi-Site Support Overview.
II. Get Template
III. Review the template and make any necessary changes
IV. Upload Template to enable Site Codes

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NOTE: Site Code Template can only be used when Site Codes is enabled for the first time. Changes (edits) to Site Code configuration must be made on using Service Web.


Get Template

1. Select Get Template.

2. Specify desired Site Code & Short Extension lengths

3. A dynamic template, based on the specified lengths, is created &  downloaded to the local PC

NOTE: Lengths of Site Codes & Short Extensions can not be changed in the template. If different lengths are desired, select “Get Template’, specify new desired lengths, and download a new template.

Review template

1. Check the “Beginning of Site Data” section

2. Update/Review the proposed Site Codes & Short Extension Numbers

3. Confirm no conflicts are detected. If conflicts are found, check:

Common Issues:
• Length is too long or too short. 
• Duplicate Site Codes and Short Extensions are not allowed
• Duplicate Full Extension Numbers are not allowed
• Site Code or Short Extension can not start with Outbound Call Prefix

4. Check the “Beginning of Extension Data” section

5. Update/Review the proposed Short Extension Numbers

Upload template

1. Select Upload Template.

2. Specify template file and click Open.

3. If any errors are found, you will be prompted to make changes.  Follow the instructions on-screen.

4. Site Codes are enabled once the process is completed.

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