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SummaryThis article describes the steps to create an Inbound Phone Skill.


How to create an Inbound Phone Skill

Required security profile permissions: Skills Edit

1. Click Routing > Skills.

2. Click Create New > Single Skill.

3. Select Phone Call for Media Type.

4. Enter a unique value in Skill Name.

5. Set Inbound/Outbound to Inbound.

6. Optional: Define priority management for the skill

Configure this setting to define how contacts for this skill will be prioritized among all contacts in queue. You may use the default values if not required.
• Enter a value for Initial Priority.
• Enter a value for Acceleration.
• Enter a value for Maximum Priority.

7. Optional: Define service level criteria for the skill

This section allows you to define service level related criteria. Service level is expressed as the percentage of contacts you want agents to respond to in a designated time (known as a threshold). For example, a common service level goal is to have 80% of contacts responded to within 20 seconds.
• Enter a value for Service Level Threshold.
• Enter a value for Service Level Goal.
• (Optional) Select the checkbox for Enable Short Abandon Threshold and enter a value in Short Abandon Threshold.
• (Optional) Select the checkbox for Short Abandons.
• (Optional) Select the checkbox for Other Abandons.

8. Complete any other applicable fields for the skill.

9. Click Create to see additional tabs.

10. Click Post Contact to set up after call work or dispositions.

11. Click Users to assign users to the skill.

12. Click Points of Contact to assign a point of contact to the skill. You can create a new point of contact, or you can edit an existing point of contact.

13. Click Tags to add tag options to the skill (see Tags Overview).

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