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SummaryThe following instructions explain how to set up the Agentless Dialing Personal Connection mode, which dials calls without an agent present. You must also set up a script to play a message or menu or provide a different kind of experience for the contact.

How to set up Agentless Proactive Voice Dialing

Required security profile permissionsCampaigns Create, Skills Create, and Scripts Edit
NOTE: These instructions assume that you already have your users and teams set up.

1. Create Campaign

1. Click Routing > Campaigns.

2. Click Create New.

3. Enter a Campaign Name. Click Create Campaign.

2. Create a Personal Connection Skill

1. Click Routing > Skills.

2. Click Create New and select Single Skill.

3. Set the Media Type to Phone Call, give the skill a unique name, and set Inbound/Outbound to Outbound. Select the campaign you created in the preceding steps for Campaign and set Outbound Strategy to Personal Connection.

4. Select Agentless and specify the Ports Used. Select the Custom Script you want to use to interact with the contact.

3. Fill in any of the other fields then click Create.
The skill details modal appears for your new skill.

4. Associate the new skill with a do not call group. Either create a new group or add the skill to existing groups.

5. Customize the skill.

6. Start the new skill or create an automatic skill schedule.
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