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SummaryThis article describes the steps and requirements to set up Chat Skill.


How to set up Chat

Required security profile permissionsCampaigns Create, Chat Profiles Create, Scripts Create, and Skills Create

1. (OPTIONAL) Create a chat profile.

2. Create a campaign to assign to the skill, create a new campaign.

1. Click Routing > Campaigns.

2. Click Create New.

3. Enter a Campaign Name. Click Create Campaign.

3. Create a Chat Skill

1. Click Routing > Skills.

2. Click Create New > Single Skill.

3. Set the Media Type to Chat. Give the chat skill a unique, descriptive Skill Name and select the Campaign you want the skill to be a part of. Set up any other options you want for the skill.

4. Click Create.

4. (OPTIONAL) Create a chat script if you do not already have one to apply to the chat skill.

If you do not already have a chat script you want to use to route incoming chats, create one now.

1. In Studio, click File > New.

2. In the Create New Script window, select the Chat icon. Verify that the correct Business unit is selected and click OK.

3. Add a Begin and ReqAgent icon to the workspace. Connect Begin to ReqAgent. If you want to route the chat to a chat skill other than the default skill specified in the point of contact, change the ReqAgent Skill property to that skill.

NOTE: You can customize the script to perform actions you want to occur during chat events, such as when the chat begins, is transferred, or ends. If you configured screen pops in the skill, configure the screen pop content in this script.

5. Click File > Save.

6. In the Save Script As... window, type a unique file name for the script, and click Save.

7. Close Studio.

5. Assign agents to the skill.

6. Create a point of contact.

7. (OPTIONAL) Set up dispositions.

8 (OPTIONAL) Set up tagging.

9. (OPTIONAL) Set up a thank-you page to appear for contacts when a chat ends.

10. (OPTIONAL) Set the maximum number of chats per team, agent, or both.

11. (OPTIONAL) Enable typing indicators for the agentthe customer, or both.
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