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SummaryThis article describes the steps and requirements to create an Email Skill.

How to set up an Email Skill

Required security profile permissionsSkills Create

1. Create a campaign under which you want this Email Skill to work. You can also use a campaign created for a different channel (such as inbound phone contacts) if appropriate.

1. Click Routing > Campaigns.

2. Click Create New.

3. Enter a Campaign Name. Click Create Campaign.

2. Create an Email Skill

1. Click Routing > Skills.

2. Click Create New and select Single Skill.

3. Select Email as your Media Type.

4. Enter a unique name for the skill in the Skill Name text field.

5. Set Inbound/Outbound to Inbound.

6. Select a campaign from the Campaign drop-down.

7. Enter the email address you want contacts to see in the from field of the email in Email From-Address.

8. (OPTIONAL) To enable agents to park emails for handling at a later time, select the Email Parking checkbox.

9. (OPTIONAL) To make the skill interruptible, select the Interruptible checkbox.

NOTE: Selecting this checkbox means that an inbound phone call from a skill with a higher priority can interrupt (that is, be routed to) agents assigned to this skill. Email is the only interruptible media type.

10. Configure any other options you want for this skill.

11. Click Create to see additional tabs.

12. Click the Users tab.

 If you want all users in your environment to have the skill, click Add All.
 If you want to add individual users to the skill, use the search feature or navigation arrows at the top of the table to locate the applicable users. Click the checkbox to the left of each user you want to have the skill, then click Add Users.\

13. Select a proficiency level for each agent, relative to other agents, in the Proficiency drop-down. The field accepts values from 1 (highest or most proficient) to 20 (lowest or least proficient). The default value is 3.

14. Click Save Proficiencies.

15. Verify the email domain of the email address you specified in the Email From-Address field.

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