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SummaryThis article describes the steps and requirements to create a Work Item Skill.

How to create a Work Item Skill

Required security profile permissionsSkills Create

NOTE: If you want to use the work item channel (that is, agents should be able to handle incoming work items routed through your system), you must set up one or more skills for work items.

1. Click Routing > Skills.

2. When the list of skills appears, click Create New and select Single Skill.

3. In the Media Type field, select Work Item.

4. In the Skill Name field, enter a unique name for the skill.

5. In the Inbound/Outbound field, Inbound will be automatically selected.

6. Select a Campaign to which the skill will be assigned.

7. Set your Priority settings.

8. Set your Service Level settings.

9. Click Create Skill to see additional tabs.

10. To ensure the correct agents receive work items routed through the skill, see Add / Remove Users to or from a Skill | RingCentral Contact Center

11. To configure any work that must be done at the end of work items that come through this skill, see Set Up Post-contact Work for a Skill.

12. (OPTIONAL) If you want to assign tags to work items that come through this skill, see Add/Remove Tags from a Skill.

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