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SummaryThis article describes the steps to set up Manual Dialing.

How to set up Manual Dialing 

Required security profile permissionsCampaigns Create, Skills Create, and Do Not Call List Create and access to teams

Manual Calls have limitations that automatic calls do not. Configure manual calls to run the suppression engine script, allowing you to manage compliance concerns by using a third party compliance service or querying a do not call list. You can create an outbound phone skill that enables agents to manually dial numbers. 

Setting up Manual Dialing requires the following configurations:

Create a Campaign

1. Click Routing > Campaigns.

2. Click Create New.

3. Enter a Campaign Name. Click Create Campaign.

Create a Manual Skill

1. Click Routing > Skills..

2. Click Create New and select Single Skill.

3. Set the Media Type to Phone Call.

4. Enter a unique Skill Name.

5. Set Inbound/Outbound to Outbound.

6. Select a campaign.

7. Set Outbound Strategy to Manual.

8. Fill in any of the other fields that apply (for example, if you want to configure screen pops).

10. Click Create to see additional tabs.

Assign users to the new skill.

1. Click the Users tab.

2. Use one of the following options to add users to the skill:
• If you want to add all users to the skill, click Add All.
• If you want to add only certain users to the skill, browse or search for the users and select the checkbox in each corresponding row, then click Add Users.


Associate the new skill with a do not call group

Either create a new group or add the skill to existing groups  as a contributor to the group do not call list or as subject to the group do not call list.

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