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RingCentral Phone Desktop - Incoming Calls Notification

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SummaryWhen an incoming call goes to your RingCentral Phone for desktop, a popup notification appears on your screen. This feature is available for Mac and Windows.

Incoming Calls Notification on the RingCentral Phone

The RingCentral Phone for Desktop features a popup notification for incoming calls on both Mac and Windows. Previously, when Users who are part of a simultaneous group receive a call on the RingCentral Phone, the app pops up in the middle of the screen they are working on.

How to enable the Incoming Calls Notification

1. Open the RingCentral Phone on your computer.

2. Go to Settings > Calls > Incoming.

3. Click the slider button Enable Display incoming calls in desktop notifications window next to Display incoming calls in desktop notifications window.

Users will see the following popup notification on their computer when there is an incoming call on the RingCentral Phone once the feature is already enabled,

Windows notification

Windows Notification

Mac notification

Mac Notification

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