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RingCentral Meetings - Share Part of Screen

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SummaryUsers can select part of their screen to share instead of sharing the entire desktop or an entire application. You don't need to hide other windows as well if they have information not for sharing. See steps below to learn how to share part of your screen during a meeting.


How to Share Only a Part of your Screen

1. During a meeting, click Share on the Dashboard.

2. Click Advanced, and select Portion of Screen

3. Click Share.

rc meetings - share part of screen only

4. A green capture box will appear on your screen. This encloses the part of your screen that you only want to share.

• Set your cursor at the top of the green capture box to drag and drop to which part of your screen you only want to show.
• Set your cursor on the edges or sides of the green capture box to resize.
• The box will turn orange and your screen share will be paused when you drag and drop or resize the green capture box.

rc meetings - share part of screen only - drag

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