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RingCentral Meetings - Local Recording with Screen Sharing

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SummaryMeetings Participants or Attendees now have the ability to record a video during screen sharing. Participants can also display the video next to the shared screen of a recorded meeting. Participants don't need to turn off the video or hide video thumbnail in recordings. See steps below to learn how.


How to Enable Local Recording with Screen Sharing

1. Go to Settings > Recording in your RingCentral Meetings for Desktop.

2. In the Recording section, tick the Place video next to the shared screen in the recording checkbox to enable.

rc meetings - local recording with screen sharing

NOTE: If this setting is disabled (checkbox unchecked) and the record video option is enabled, the video thumbnail will be embedded at the top right corner of the shared screen in the recording.  


How it works when enabled

Participants' or Attendees' video in a meeting or webinar will be displayed next to the shared screen.

rc meetings - shared content

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