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Error message:" You entered an incorrect extension" while transferring a call

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SummaryEntering the incorrect extension number will prevent the assistant from transferring the call back to the executive. This article will help resolve the incorrect extension error message while transferring a call. Follow the steps below to resolve the error message.

How to Resolve "You entered an incorrect extension" error message

When the assistant enters the incorrect extension while transferring the call back to the executive, the assistant will hear the error message "You entered an incorrect extension."
Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

1. Press the Cancel softkey on the phone to go back to the call.

2. Press the Transfer softkey on the phone.

3. Enter the correct extension number. You will hear the message "Please hold while I try to connect you."

4.  Once the receiving party answered the call, press the Transfer softkey again to complete the transfer.

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