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SummaryThis article provides information about the enhanced BLA. The Shared Line feature enhancement allows the line(s) of an executive to be provisioned to the hard phone of one or more assistants allowing them to manage calls.


BLA Enhancements (Beta) - Use Cases on Hard Phones 

IMPORTANT: This feature is available in beta for RingCentral brands. 


• Calls on Executive's Shared Line are handed off between the executive and assistants using the Hold / Unhold action

• Existing Phones can be added to Shared Line Group (SLG)

• Assistants maintain their own personal lines.

• Assistants can manage calls for multiple executives


• Executive's line can be provisioned on hard phones of up to 15 assistants 

• Executive can have up to eight (8) shared call appearances.

• Device Support: Polycom VVX phones that support Shared Line Group 

  VVX310, VVX410, VVX500, VVX300, VVX400, VVX600, VVX301,
  VVX311, VVX411, VVX501, VVX601, VVX 350, VVX 450

• User can have only one personal device provisioned to a Shared Line Group


How it Works


Sample Deployment: Executives with two assistants

executive with 2 assistants sample

• Executives’s Shared Line Group is set up with 3 call appearances (Up to 3 concurrent executive calls)
• Incoming calls to Executive’s extension will ring on all 3 phones
• Call can be put on / taken off hold on any phone

Hard Phone Button Assignments

• Executive and assistant can see the list of Shared Line Group lines on phone’s presence settings
• If you’re an assistant and your phone has been added to a shared line group, your existing presence mapping will be moved to the bottom automatically, and your shared lines will be inserted below your personal line.

See Presence - Select users to display on phone - Admin for more information.

Users are assigned to a team that answers calls to one or more shared lines

• Inbound calls can ring simultaneously on up to 16 user phones.
• Unanswered calls can be routed to an alternate extension in the system.

Assigning to personal phone

A retail store manager can assign a shared line group to his/her phone and help answer inbound calls.

A retail store environment with shared lines

Where there is a need to intercom or page to a specific individual phone, an individual line can be provisioned to each phone that requires such individual addressability.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the executive’s shared line call handling subject to the limitations of a Shared Line?
Yes, for more advanced needs, it is recommended to provision a private line for the Exec as well. This can be an overflow destination for unanswered calls on the Shared Line and can invoke the normal advanced call handling flows such as mobile etc.

2. Will this feature make it more expensive to provision an Executive user?
It depends. If the executive only expects one concurrent call, they will need a single DigitalLine only. If they need additional call appearances, additional DigitalLines will be required that are purchased as part of a Shared Line Group for the Executive.

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