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SummaryFollow the steps on this article to create or edit a team.

How to Create or Edit a Team

Required security profile permissionsTeams Edit/Create

You can create new teams of users for different purposes. You can also modify existing teams to rename them, enable or disable features, add or remove assigned unavailable codes, and change the maximum contacts members of the team can handle per channel.

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Create a team

1. Click Admin > Users > Teams to display the list of teams.

2. Click Create New.

3. Type a team name and specify how you want to create the team. Click Next.

4. Select the checkbox corresponding to each feature or product you want to enable for the team. You will be billed for each agent in the team for using the selected features. Click Next.

5. Specify the unavailable codes you want agents on the team to be able to use as unavailable states in the agent application. To do so, select the checkboxes 6. corresponding to the unavailable codes you want in the Add Unavailable Codes table and click Add to Team, or, to select all unavailable codes quickly, click Add All. Click Next.

6. Configure the default team contact settings. If you have single channel handling enabled in your business unit, specify the Concurrent Chats and Auto-parked Emails. If you have omnichannel handling enabled in your business unit, specify the maximum ChatsEmails, and Work Items, and select Request Contact or Contact Auto-focus if you want those features enabled.
NOTE: User profile settings override team default settings. If a user in the team has different contact settings than the team defaults, those user-level settings apply.

7. Click Create Team.

8. (OPTIONAL) Add users to the team.


Edit a Team

1. Click Admin > Users > Teams to display the list of teams.

2. Locate the team you want to edit. Click the team to open it.

3. (OPTIONAL) Change the name of the team. To do so, click Edit, modify the Team Name field, and click Done.

4. (OPTIONAL) Modify the contact settings.

5. (OPTIONAL) Enable or disable features the team uses.

6. (OPTIONAL) Add or remove unavailable codes to or from the team.

7. (OPTIONAL) Add or remove users to or from the team.
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