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RingCentral Contact Center Advanced & Proactive Chat Spring 2019 Release

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SummaryThis article lists the release notes for RingCentral Contact Center Advanced & Proactive Chat Spring 2019 Release.

Appointment Scheduling
Contacts will be able to schedule Web meetings with an agent from your website. A calendar will show available days and times for the contact to choose from. The contact will receive a meeting link to join the meeting at the scheduled time and an agent will be routed a chat and will use the co-browse interface to enter the meeting.

Messaging API
You will be able to use messaging API to integrate messaging apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others, into RingCentral Contact Center Advanced Chat. This approach will allow you to leverage a common set of services, like BOTs and AI, and have a common agent experience for chat and messaging.

Chatbot will allow you to integrate existing bots or develop new bots that can leverage RingCentral Contact Center or third-party AI services. Chatbot will enable you to generate workflows to provide answers, collect data, or automate common agent tasks serving as a virtual agent. In addition, because it is integrated with Advanced Chat, your virtual agents can also co-browse, provide Web guidance, share content, and more.

File Upload and Desktop Share
Contacts will be able to upload a file to securely share with the agent. The file will be scanned for viruses and then the agent will be able to click a link to access it in a browser. Agents will also be able to share their desktops or a single application with contacts.

System Notation of Non-Message Events
Via API, the advanced chat interface will interject a statement that annotates events during a contact or agent's actions, such as when a contact sends a photo or the agent starts a co-browse session.

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