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Remove User when employee leaves the company | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article discusses the process of removing a user from your RingCentral account when they leave the company.

How to remove or delete a user when an employee leaves the company?


Disable and Delete the User

  1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral account
  2. Go to Admin Portal, and click Users > User List > Users with Extensions.
  3. On the User list, click or search for the user you want to disable.
  4. Under Operation, click the Disable button on the user you want to disable.
  5. Click Yes on the Confirmation window.
  6. Once Disabled, the Delete and Enable options will become available.
  7. Click Delete.
  8. On the confirmation window, click Delete.


  • The phone numbers and devices will be kept on your account and associated to new unassigned user extension.
  • You will be able to reuse the unassigned extension after setting it up for another user.
  • Once a User is deleted, any Additional Desktop Apps, messages, greetings, rules, and recorded calls within this user will be lost and cannot be recovered.
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