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RingCentral App - Web and Desktop - Send Faxes

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SummaryThe article below contains steps for sending faxes via the RingCentral App Desktop and Web.


How to send faxes in RingCentral App 

1. In your RingCentral App Web or Desktop, click Phone at the bottom of the Left Pane, and then click Fax.

2. Click Compose Fax button.

3. Fill out the following fields under Send A Fax:

• Type fax number or contact name - This field has contacts auto-suggestion feature where a User may enter a contact's name and will automatically match with the existing contacts.

• Company name - Indicate the name of the recipient's company.

• Cover Page - Click the drop-down to select cover page. To preview the cover page of the fax, click the View icon. 

• Cover Page Note - Space to write a brief information about the fax to be sent.

• Attach File - User can attach any file of supported format. File size must not exceed 20 MB. To attach file, click on the button Attach File or drop files directly to the dialogue box. For more information on fax supported format, go to Fax - Supported File Attachments | RingCentral.

5. Click Send.


Sent faxes can be viewed, downloaded and deleted.

• View Fax - Click to view the sent fax.
• Download - Tap this button to download the sent fax.
• Delete - Select this button for User to delete the sent fax

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