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RingCentral App - Web and Desktop - Received Fax

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SummaryThe article below contains viewing for received faxes via the RingCentral App Web and Desktop.


How to view Received Faxes in RingCentral App Web and Desktop

• When you receive a new fax, you will see an unread indicator on the Phone section > Faxes tab.  
• In your RingCentral App Web or Desktop, click Phone at the bottom of the Left Pane, and then click Fax.

Options for received faxes:


• View Fax - Tap this button to view the received fax.

• Mark Unread - User can mark the receive fax as unread by clicking this button.

• Download - To download the received fax, click this button.

• Block - Tap this button to block a person who sent fax from sending succeeding fax messages.

• Delete - User can delete the fax received by clicking this button.

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