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RingCentral App - User Getting Error with User ID Conflict

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SummaryThis article contains information on what to do when getting an error with User ID conflict in RingCentral App (Glip).


What to do when getting an error with User ID Conflict



Scenario 1:

• You are a RingCentral App User, who is registered as no RingCentral User Extension
• You are a RingCentral App User, who is in a RingCentral App company profile registered with RingCentral User ID
• You cannot host a RingCentral Meeting



• You are prompted to sign up to RingCentral Meetings-Only Account
• You logged in with the same email address, which was already registered to RingCentral App
• You cannot log in to RingCentral App and encounter errors on the two RingCentral User IDs.



• RingCentral Meetings-Only Account contact email should be changed.
• You will have the option to log in with RingCentral Meetings-Only Account login credentials or cancel the subscription with the different email.

NOTE: RingCentral Meetings-Only Account or RingCentral Office subscription cannot be canceled if the associated email account for login is tied-up with RingCentral App,


Scenario 2:

For RingCentral User and/or a non-RingCentral User but with RingCentral App-ONLY account.



• You may have User ID conflict if your private email domains are used by franchises and branches.



• Each company should have separate RingCentral App accounts.
• If confirmed that your companies should have different RingCentral App accounts, contact Support or escalate concern directly to RingCentral App Specialist Team for assistance.


Scenario 3:

• You may get confused with RingCentral App (Glip) and RingCentral Phone icons, which may result in User ID Conflict.
• You may have different login credentials for RingCentral App and RingCentral Phone respectively. 



Tap or click the correct icon with the respective login credentials.

RingCentral App (Glip)Ringcentral Phone
ringcentral app glip iconringcentral phone icon



Scenario 4:

• Your email address has been registered twice to two different RingCentral User ID accounts:

- The original email address is used for a tester or a trial account.
- The live RingCentral login credential has a stringed-number email address. The RingCentral App system makes this to make the email unique.

• There are multiple RingCentral App Profiles in your company that share or have the same email address with you.

• The email address used to log in is in the deleted users list or has been deactivated. 



• One of the profiles should be deleted. Only one email for logging in per account should be used. You may select to keep your original RingCentral App company profile of your tester account or start a new account. If you are able to identify which account to keep, contact your company Administrator to deactivate.
• Contact Support or escalate concern directly to RingCentral App Specialist Team for further assistance.
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