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SummaryHow to send a fax from a scanner using email to fax feature?
RingCentral allows the flexibility to directly fax a scanned document by using the RingCentral email to fax feature. Documents are scanned into memory and sent as an attachment via email address that is configured with your RingCentral account.  Your email address must be added on your RingCentral trusted email addresses list.

IMPORTANT:  To use the email to fax feature, the scanner needs to be properly installed and powered-on.

Here are the most common steps on how to do it:

NOTE:  As there are many different brands and models of scanners, including multi-function devices, some variations on the steps and procedure may exist.

Step 1:

Place the document face-down on the scanner glass or face-up if you are using an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

Step 2:

Set the menu function of your scanner to E-mail.

Step 3:

The scanner will prompt you to enter the recipients e-mail address.  Enter the fax number of your intended recipient followed by "@rcfax.com". For example: 8885552467@rcfax.com

Step 4:

Press the start button in your scanner to begin scanning the document and sending it out to RingCentral.

Step 5:

RingCentral will then send this e-mail as a fax to your recipients fax number and will either come out as a digital document (PDF) or in printed form on a traditional fax machine.

You have now able to send faxes from a scanner using email to fax.

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