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RingCentral App - Android - Create Task and Add or Edit Attachment

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SummaryRingCentral App lets you add files or photos as attachments when creating a New Task. You can also add or delete attachments to and from existing tasks. See steps below to learn how to create a task, add/or edit attachments on a task your RingCentral App - Android.


How to create and attach attachments on a task on your RingCentral App - Android

1. In a conversation stream, tap the Plus (+) button > New Task.

2. Enter Task Name.

3. Add Assignee/s.

4. Set the Date and Due Date of your task.
You can also set the  Due Time and frequency of the task with the Repeat option.

5. Set Complete When. This marks a task complete when Checked, Checked by all assignees, or 100% done

6. Tap Add Attachment.

rc app - android - add attachment

You can attach/or do the following: 

• File
• Photos
• Take Photo

7. You can also set other optional settings:

Section - This is like a category for your task  in the conversation stream.
Add a description - A short description on what your task is all about.

8. Tap the Check icon on the upper-right corner of the screen to add new task.

How to edit task and edit/delete attachment 

1. Tap on a task, and then tap the Pencil button to edit.

2. Scroll to Attachments.

• From here, you can tap Add Attachment to add another.

rc app - android - edit attachment

• To delete attachment/s, tap the Trash bin icon, and then tap the x icon on the attachment that you want to delete. Tap Remove on the pop-up window to confirm.

rc app - android - edit attachment delete

2. You can also modify other sections before tapping the Check icon on the upper-right corner the Edit Task screen.


Use Case Scenario

A teacher creates a New Task in RingCentral App - iOS for students to review learning materials and provide feedback. The teacher can attach all the materials directly to task. The teacher can also edit the task and the materials attached to the task.

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