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RingCentral App - iOS - SiriKit Integration to Send New Message

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SummaryRingCentral App Users can now ask Siri to send a direct or SMS message for them. This will be greatly advantageous to RingCentral App Users with visual impairments, who need to send messages to others using Siri voice commands.


How to send a command with SiriKit Integration on RingCentral App - iOS

Make sure you are logged in to RingCentral App on your iOS device.

1. Activate Siri on your iOS and clearly state your command, with emphasis on RingCentral.
For example, command Siri to send a message.

2. State your message when Siri asks you what to send on RingCentral.
Siri may also verify to which number to send your message if your selected contact has multiple registered numbers.

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3. Siri will send your message on Ringcentral once it is verified.

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