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RingCentral App - Unable to Edit Email in Profile

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SummaryThis article provides information when you cannot change your email in your RingCentral App Profile.


What to do when unable to change Email in RingCentral App Profile



User cannot update his/her stringed email address when trying to change it in RingCentral App Web / Desktop > Edit Profile.



This happens when another RingCentral App Profile in the same account has the same live email address. The RingCentral App system makes the email unique by adding a string of numbers in the email address.


Environment Affected

RingCentral App  



1. Identify which email address you use to login to RingCentral App.
2. Contact your company Administrator to delete or deactivate either one of the email address in the account. Only one email for logging in per account should be used. 
3. When the other email is deleted or deactivated, you may notice in the Edit Profile page that your email address will have a space before @yourcompany.com. This is the normal page design for the purpose of editing. 

For further assistance, contact Support or escalate concern directly to RingCentral App Specialist Team.

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