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RingCentral for MS Teams - Install

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SummaryThis article contains a brief overview and steps for installing the RingCentral for MS Teams integration app.

RingCentral Bot for Microsoft Teams

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams allows users to start RingCentral meetings and conference calls within their conversations either 1-1 or group without leaving the Microsoft Teams app and without toggling between multiple applications or programs for simple tasks.

Follow the steps below to Install RingCentral for Microsoft Teams.

1. Launch and login to Microsoft Teams.

2. Click on Apps, then search for RingCentral.

3. Click on RingCentral

4. Under Add to a team or chat, select a team or chat to which you'll add the bot.

5. Click Install

6. Click Set Up for Bot to integrate RingCentral Bot for MS Teams.


RingCentral Bot Commands

Call: Starts a RingCentral conference call

Meet: Starts a RingCentral video meeting

Help: Brings back the RingCentral Bot menu

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