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RingCentral App - Check Voicemail

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SummaryThis article provides steps for listening to your voicemail messages using the RingCentral App for Desktop and Web.


How to check voicemail messages on the RingCentral App

1. Log in to the RingCentral App

2. Click on Phone on the bottom Left Pane, and then select the Voicemail tab. 

3. You will see the list of all voicemail messages sorted from newest to oldest.  

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4. Click the User-added image Play button to listen to the voicemail message. The User-added image Show Transcription button will also be available if the system was able to transcribe the voicemail message. 

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The following buttons are also available: 

User-added image Text - Click to send a text message to the sender.

User-added image Call - Click to dial the number of the voicemail sender. 

User-added image Mark Unread - Click the mark the voicemail message as unread. 

User-added image Download - Click to download and save the voicemail message as an .mp3 file.

User-added image Block - Click to block the number of the voicemail sender. 

User-added image Delete - Click to delete or remove the voicemail message. 

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