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RingCentral App - Launch and Initiate a Conversation from RingCentral Phone for Mobile

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SummaryYou will able to make calls and start conferences right from within the RingCentral Phone for Mobile (iOS or Android) if you're a RingCentral Office customer and signed in to the mobile app. 


How to launch and initiate a conversation from RingCentral Phone for Mobile?

Simply tap the RingCentral App button on the RingCentral Phone for Mobile Dashboard.

rc app - launch from rcphone


You can also initiate a direct conversation with your co-worker or team member from within the RingCentral Phone for Mobile (iOS or Android).

• Tap the i button beside a contact, and then tap Open Glip Conversation on the User's Contact Info and you'll be able to start a chat immediately in RingCentral App - Mobile.

rc app - initiate convo from rcphone

NOTE: The option will be available if the contact is a RingCentral Office subscriber.

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