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RingCentral for Salesforce - Reporting Overview

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SummaryThis article shows the overview of RingCentral for Salesforce Reporting (Beta).


RingCentral for Salesforce Reporting (Open Beta)


This feature helps the sales leads to have greater visibility into team and individual rep’s performance.


Features and Benefits 

• Team leads can access consolidated data for their team and can dive into individual rep performance if needed.

• Users will be able to access data based on their role and role hierarchy setup in Salesforce.

• Representatives are able to gather their own performance data against the same metrics for the date range they select. 

• Historical and real-time data is available for analysis and reporting purposes. Once a call is logged, it will reflect in the report upon refresh.

• Empowers Sales leads and reps to evaluate their performance and take corrective measures, if needed.

• Leads can gather trends across reps and can streamline processes to meet business goals and objectives.


Availability and Requirements

• This feature is available to RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate plan subscribers.

• Subscription to Salesforce Professionals (PE) or above (EE and UE) is required.

• The Organization's Role Hierarchy must be set on Salesforce.


How to access RingCentral for Salesforce Analytics Report

1. Launch and log into the RingCentral app in Salesforce.

2. Click the gear icon to open Settings, then click Analytics Report

3. A new tab will open with your RingCentral Salesforce dashboard with the following information: 

Date Range - select the time frame for your desired report. 

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Team Summary  - shows the consolidated team summary which covers the following metrics. You may hover your mouse over the pie chart to show the number of calls logged for the specified call disposition or call direction.

• Summary of total calls
• Average duration per call
• Average calls per day
• Call disposition
• Call direction

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Individual Insights - compare team performance across different metrics. If there are multiple subtypes within the data metric, those will show in different colors within a bar. You may also move the slider below the bar graph to view an individual rep's, multiple rep's, or the entire team's performance.

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Representative - Data of all those who report to you (per hierarchy) is listed here in a tabular format. Clicking on a rep’s name takes you to a new tab with their individual performance details (same format and insights as team view).

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