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SummaryHow do I print faxes on the online account, mobile app, or desktop app?
RingCentral allows you to print faxes received on your Online Account, mobile app, and desktop app. Click on the links below to learn how to print your fax messages through:

Online Account
RingCentral for Desktop App
RingCentral Mobile App

Print Fax via Online Account

To print a fax that you have received, you must first download it from your Online Account.

NOTE: You can also print the the faxes you sent by doing the same steps below.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click the Messages tab.
messages tab

NOTE: If you are logged in as an Administrator for any RingCentral Voice & Fax Plan, you must switch to My Extension view to see the Messages tab. 

admin - select my extension

Step 3:

Choose the folder where the fax is located. You can choose Inbox, Sent Items, or Deleted Items.

User Inbox

Step 4: 

Locate the message that you want to print, and then click the Fax icon.
Select Message to print
NOTE: Depending on the kind of browser you are using, you may be prompted to either Save or Open the file. For Mozilla Firefox for example, you can have the option to open the file without saving.

If the .pdf file opens on your browser, you can hover your mouse over the top of the document, and then click the Print icon. 

User-added image

NOTE: If you would like to print your Fax messages through RingCentral for Windows or your RingCentral Mobile App, follow the steps below.

RingCentral for Desktop App:


Step 1:

Click Messages and go to Fax.

desktop-fax message

Step 2:

Select the fax you want to print and click View.


Step 3:

Click File and select Print.


For the RingCentral for Windows app, you may also set up automatic fax printing for incoming faxes. for more information, go to How to Automatically Print Incoming Faxes on the desktop app.

RingCentral Mobile App:


Step 1:

Tap Messages.

mobile - messages

Step 2:

Select All Messages and tap Fax.

mobile - select fax

Step 3:

Select the fax you want to print.

mobile - select fax

Step 4:

Tap more icon icon and tap Print.

mobile - print

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