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RingCentral Contact Center - Stations Overview

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SummaryWhat are RingCentral Contact Center Stations?
A Station is a term for a physical device where an agent communicates with contacts, such as a workstation.  Each station is assigned a globally unique Station ID that is configured with a Station Name, Phone Number, Caller ID and Station Profile.  When agents log in to their agent adapter, they enter the station ID assigned to the device they are using which connects their contact center login and the station for reporting purposes.  
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Stations can be deactivated when not needed, and you can reactivate an inactive station at any time. You can also view the login history for a station to see which agents have logged into it, and when.

NOTE: Admin access is required to create and configure Stations.

How do I create a Station ID?
How do I view configured Stations?

How do I review Station Logins?

How do I create a Station ID?

You can create stations individually, or use bulk upload functionality to create or edit multiple stations at once.

To create a single Station ID:

1. On the Contact Center, click on Admin > Users > Stations.

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2. Click Create New button, then Single Station.  

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3. Fill out required* fields, then click on Create Station.  

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4. A Station ID is automatically generated after a station is created.  Assign the Station ID on the Station or assign the Station ID for agent use on the agent adapter.  

How do I create Station IDs in bulk?

To create/edit Station IDs by bulk:

1. On the Contact Center, click on Admin > Users > Stations.

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2. Click Create New button, then Manage Multiple Station.  

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3a. To create Stations in bulk, click Download Template, then fill out the downloaded .csv file.  

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3b. To edit existing Stations by bulk, click Download Existing Stations then fill out the downloaded .csv file.

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4. Save the file, then click on Choose File.  Locate the Saved .csv file, then click on Open.

5. Click on Upload File.

What are Station Profiles?

Station profiles control the length of time that the RingCentral Contact Center platform stays connected to the contact center agent's station between active contacts. Station profiles are assigned to stations. Using station profiles enables you to apply the same timeout settings to multiple stations, and to change those settings in one place for all stations to which the profile is assigned.

How do I View Station Profiles?

1. Click Admin > Users, then go to Station Profiles.

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Stations Profiles page:

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Profile IDDisplays the system-generated identifier assigned to this Station Profile.
Profile NameDisplays the unique, descriptive name of the station profile.
Station TimeoutDisplays the length of time (in seconds), that a station will remain connected to the system when no activity is taking place. If you want the profile to disconnect after five minutes of inactivity, then enter 300 (5x60= 300 seconds)


How do I Create/Edit Station Profiles?

1. On the Station Profiles page, you can see the list of Station Profiles.

2. To create a station profile, click Create New, then follow the steps.

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To edit the station profile, click the station profile, then click on the edit button.
To delete the station profile, click the station profile, then click on the delete button.

How do I view configured Stations?

You can view the lists of stations that are currently configured to handle calls by clicking on the Reporting/Analytics tab, Canned Report, then Configured Stations.

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Station IDWorkstation ID
Station NameWorkstation Name
Phone NumberWorkstation Phone Number
Caller IDCaller ID assigned to the workstation
Station TimeoutThe length of time the station has been logged off the system
Last LoginThe last time an agent logged in to the system from the workstation


How do I review Station Logins?

The Billing Report can show an administrator the usage associated with running the system.  Here are the steps to validate the station logins on the account:

1. Log-in to RingCentral Contact Center platform.  

2. Click on the Reporting/Analytics then Canned Report and then Billing.

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3. Choose a date range then click on “Apply Options”. Contact Center invoices are being billed by peak usage on a calendar month.  The “Start Date” and “End Date” on the invoice shows which calendar month is billed.  

4. Click on Stations tab.  

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• The green bar represents the peak number of configured, active stations for the date range.

• The red line represents the limit of stations allowed. If the number of total stations reaches the limit, then additional stations cannot be created - including agent-created stations, which may prevent agents from logging in.

• The gray bars represent the total number of configured, active stations created for the Business Unit. This includes both configured stations and agent-created stations.

• The dark gray area represents the number of stations created by agents who log in using a phone number instead of a station. As long as such an agent is logged in, the phone number they logged in with is considered a unique station for billing purposes - an agent-created station. If the phone number used has a configured station associated with it, then the station will be reconciled and not billed twice.
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