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SummaryRingCentral Contact Center: Users Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is a User?

A User is anyone authorized to log-in to the RingCentral Contact Center Platform with a username and password.  Each user is created a profile that requires the  first and last name, username, email address, team and security profile. A security profile controls the tools and features that the users can access on the contact center environment which comes with three (3) default system profiles that can not be modified:  Manager, Supervisor, and Agent.  Custom security profile can be created and assigned to users if needed.

2. How do I review the users of the contact center?

With the right security profile, below are the steps to review the contact center users:

1. In the Admin module, click Users.

2. The User’s page will open. Click on the “Show” dropdown on the upper-right corner of the page to view the Active, Inactive or All users that are on the account

User-added image

3. Each user can be clicked on to check other details such as login history and audit history.

User-added image

3. How do I download a report that shows the last agent log-in? 

Data Download Report ID 350011 with a report Name Agent List would show the list of users with the last modified date, last login date and status.  To get this report, follow these steps:

1. In the Reporting module, click Data Download > Data Download.
2. Type in 350011 in the search box then click on the search icon.  
3. Click on Report ID 350011, select date range, put a check mark on include field list and/or put a check mark on Append date to file name.  
4. Click Download.  The data will be downloaded in .csv file.  The following are the columns and the definition:

• Agent_No - The unique, system-generated ID of the agent. 
• Team_No - The unique, system-generated ID of the team to which the agent belongs.
• First_Name - The first name of the agent.
• Last_Name - The last name of the agent.
• Email - The email address of the agent.
• Mod_DateTime - The date and time the profile was last modified. It follows the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM, military time.
• Last_Login - The date and time the agent last logged in to the system. It follows the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM, military time.
• Status - Whether the agent is currently active (CURR) or inactive (DISC).

4. How do I create/edit a user?


5. Why do I see a user with the last name of RingCentral-Sync?

It’s a non-billable user that syncs pulse, team sync and corporate directory between the contact center and office platform. Please do not deactivate.

6. How do I deactivate/activate a user?  


7. How do I review agent login?  

8. Do I need to manage users?

Yes, you need to manage users to ensure that those who have separated from the company are not able to access the contact center platform and to minimize the contact center user cost.  Review your contact center agreement for the price per quantity as it may vary depending on the contact center plan for Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate.  For more information, reach out to your account manager or customer success managers.

9. If I add users, will the ports be automatically adjusted to what’s inclusive?

No, ports need to be configured manually by a RingCentral admin user. If you know the number of inclusive or non-billable ports that you can get the account configured on, call our contact center support team or submit a case on our support site. If you have question on ports and how it affects your contact center cost or billing, please reach out to your account manager or customer success before requesting the port change. You can also visit the KB Article: Ports | Frequently Asked Questions | RingCentral Contact Center.

10. How do I review the peaks active users for a billing period?

The Billing Report can show an administrator the billing costs associated with running the system.  Here are the steps to review the peak active users for a billing period:

1. Log-in to RC Contact Center platform and access the customer’s account.  

2. With the right security profile, click the Reporting/Analytics Canned Report > Billing.

User-added image

3. Choose a date range then click on “Apply Options”.  Contact Center invoices are being billed by peak usage on a calendar month.  The “Start Date” and “End Date” on the invoice shows which calendar month is billed.   

4. Click on Users tab.  

User-added image
• The green bar represents the peak number of configured, active users for the date range.
• The red line represents the limit of users allowed in the Business Unit. If the number of users reaches the limit, then additional users cannot be created.
• The gray bars represent the number of configured, active users for the Business Unit.
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