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RingCentral Meetings - Go to Account-wide Settings | Online Account

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SummaryThis article describes the steps to access the Meetings Settings for the whole account. On the Meetings settings page, you can enable or disable settings that will be applied to all RingCentral Meetings users on the account. Administrators also have the capability to lock certain settings to prevent users from making changes on their individual meetings settings.


RingCentral Meetings allows Administrators and Users to conveniently control the features with a user-friendly settings interface that is available on the RingCentral Online account

NOTE: This article provides steps for RingCentral Office Administrators and Users on the Online Account. For RingCentral Meetings Accounts, go to RingCentral Meetings Account: Configure Meetings Settings.

IMPORTANT: Only the Super Admin, the Groups ManagerPhone System AdminUser Admin, or

Administrators should log in to their RingCentral Account and go to the Admin Portal in order to change the Meetings settings for the entire account, or customize the settings for User/s.

1. Go to Tools > Meetings

2. Go to Meetings Settings.

3. Configure the account-wide settings on this page.

NOTE: The settings you configure on this page will apply to all users by default. However, users can configure their own meetings settings on their account. Click on the "lock" button If you do not want users to change their individual settings for that feature.


In-meeting Chat is enabled and locked. All users will have Chat enabled on their meeting and they cannot disable it.

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