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SummaryThis article contains steps for using a forwarded number (from a different carrier) as your RingCentral account's Outbound Caller ID.

How to substitute your RingCentral Caller ID with your number from a different provider


How does it work?

When a third party number is set to forward calls to your RingCentral number, the RingCentral account Admininstrator may opt to use the third party number as the RingCentral account's outbound Caller ID. After one successful forwarded call is detected, that Forwarded Number can be used as your RingCentral account's outbound Caller ID.



• This feature is available to RingCentral Office Ultimate plan subscribers.
• This feature only applies when you want to maintain you existing number with your current provider (third party provider). 



• This feature does not apply to numbers that are pending to be ported/transferred to RingCentral. 


How to enable Substitute Caller ID

1. The numbers to be used as the Caller ID must already be added to the account as “Forwarded Numbers”. For  instructions, go to Forward Calls from your Current Provider to your RingCentral Number. We consider the 1st forwarded call a “verification” that the you own the number.

2. You must call RingCentral support and provide supporting documents to verify you own the numbers.

a. Download and sign the Substitute Presentation Caller ID Agreement. Your RingCentral User ID is required on this document, request this information when you call support.

b. Bill-copy showing ownership of the numbers to be used as the Caller ID (Attachment A). 

c. A .csv file containing the list of the relevant telephone numbers in E.164 format. Format example: 16505551212 (country code in front of the number)

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