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RingCentral Phone App - Use the same phone number on a deskphone

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Summary​Scenario: The User currently has a RingCentral Phone app with a phone number assigned on their extension. The User also wants to use a physical desk phone while maintaining the ability to use the Phone App using the same number without adding another phone number

Use the same phone number on the RingCentral Phone app and on a deskphone without adding a new phone number


Purchase a new deskphone

1. Go to Phone System > Phones and Devices, and Search for the User's RingCentral Phone app and select it.

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2. On the Phones information page, select Change Phone.

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3. Select Order a new phone from RingCentral to purchase a new device.

Alternatively, select Existing RingCentral Phone if a device has be previously ordered on the account but not assigned to an extension, or select Phone not Purchased from RingCentral if you already have a deskphone but the phone is not yet added to the account.

The last option may require a phone setup via Assisted Provisioning or Manual Provisioning.

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4. If you choose to Order a new phone from RingCentral, select which deskphone you would like to purchase.

When the deskphone is shipped to you, it will already be configured to work with the same phone number you assigned to it.

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Login to your RingCentral Phone app

After you activated your new deskphone using the phone number you assigned to it, log in to the RingCentral Phone app using the same phone number.

After logging in to the RingCentral Phone app, you will now see the RingCentral Phone app on your online account under Phone & Numbers > Phones. It will not have a separate phone number because it shares the same number with the deskphone.

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